Canadian Transit & Weather Updates – June 4, 2024

the sun is setting over a field of tall grass


Rainfall Warning continues today for BC’s South Coast. The lower mainland can expect 10-30mm of rain although heavier amounts are possible across higher terrain including North Vancouver. Flash floods and pooling water possible due to heavy downpours.


Heat Warning in effect for Kapuskasing – Hearst, Moosonee – Fort Albany, and Timmins – Cochrane.

Temperatures are expected to reach at least 29 degrees Celsius combined with overnight lows near 18 degrees Celsius for the next 2 days.

Drink plenty of water regularly, even before you feel thirsty to decrease your risk of dehydration. Thirst is not a good indicator of dehydration. Check several times a day on older family, friends and neighbours. Make sure they are cool and drinking water. If you are in an overheated area, seek a cool place such as a tree-shaded area, splash pad, misting station, or air-conditioned spot like a public building. Never leave people, particularly children, or pets inside a parked vehicle.