Canadian Transit & Weather Updates – July 3, 2024


ECC has issued an Air Quality Advisory for northwestern regions of the province.  Environment Canada advises the following:

“Wildfire smoke is causing very poor air quality and reduced visibility in some areas. Poor air quality will likely continue intermittently today. During heavy smoke conditions, everyone is at risk regardless of their age or health. The fine particles in wildfire smoke pose the main health risk. People more likely to be impacted by wildfire smoke such as seniors, pregnant women and pregnant people, people who smoke, infants and young children, people who work outdoors, people involved in strenuous outdoor exercise and people with an existing illness or chronic health condition, should avoid strenuous activities outdoors. Listen to your body and if you experience symptoms, reduce or stop outdoor activities. Symptoms can include milder and more common symptoms such as eye, nose and throat irritation, as well as serious but less common symptoms such as chest pains or severe cough. If you think you are having a medical emergency, seek immediate medical assistance. Limit time outdoors. Consider rescheduling or cancelling outdoor sports, activities and events.”